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Friday, April 21, 2006


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Meet Chris Simcox. That's him over there on the right. A former kindergarten teacher in LA, Chris retreated to Tombstone, AZ and began to plot a reimagining of the OK Corral, with he and his as the Earp faction and the entire nation of Mexico as the Clantons. Chris founded the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. He and his buddies arm themselves and play dress-up while doing ride alongs with the border patrol.

Now, Chris and his pals have climbed in the wayback machine to visit China, circa the Qin Dynasty. They've delivered an ultimatum to Our Dear Leader that, if he won't act to toughen border security, Chris and his happy campers will build a fence of their own, running the length of the southern border- but, being chainlink and concertina, probably not viewable from space.

What a moron.


Blogger durrati said...

I wondered what Bob Seegar was up to...

Hey, I went to J.C.'s and was allowed to comment, his border fence must be temporarily down....

April 22, 2006 12:28 AM


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