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Thursday, April 13, 2006


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Always sitting by young George's side, just knitting away, is it? No, it's not Mama Bar, though a cross between Mme. Defarge and "Buffalo Bill", of "Lambs" fame, kind of sums her up as well.

Call her "Kharmen", if you address her, for she tallies like Inca strings and abaci the sins of the man we call "Preznit"- and throw up in our mouths a little (praise jeebus for Prilosec).

Every single fallen soldier, every faceless native lumped together as "collateral damage", they all go in George's debt column. Gaze upon his ledger, now a tome, soon to rival the OED for shelf space- but what does a man who says "nuke-ular" need with a dictionary?

This man or, more appropriately, this adolescent in suspended animation, suffers from a serious deficiency in character. That's what happens when one goes from silver spoon in the mouth to silver spoon at the nostril, when all of one's mistakes and/or failures are swept under the rug with lawyers- guns?- and money, when what little that does go right is built up into legend- see Rangers: Texas.

I didn't vote against George W. Bush because he was a Republican or an evilgelical christian. I voted against him because he was George W. Bush.

Somewhere during this passage of time, somewhere deep within the collective DNA of the species, we've stopped producing high quality leaders for ourselves. Where are the Jeffersons (yes, I realize they're "moving on up"), the Lincolns, the Kennedys- I think Ted must be a stepchild? Hell, if Lincoln came along today, he'd be dismissed for being unphotogenic, for being awkward, for not being someone Joe Sixpack would want to have a beer with.

Settling for a leader that rednecks and evilgelicals are comfortable with would be humorous if it weren't so terrifying.

Makes me long for a fire and brimstone hell to be winked into existence exclusively for the Bush League Gall- Stars


Blogger durrati said...

Quilty as charged. Nice work.

April 13, 2006 7:45 PM


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