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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Geb, the Earth God.

I thought about calling this place "Limbaugh's Ass: Source of His Wisdom and Repository for His Head." but it seemed a little confining. Besides, he's so full of shit that it would get to smelling like an outhouse around here and noone wants that. Likewise for Hannity, Boortz, Coulter, Malkin, hell, just about any right-wing mouthpiece- the "lying if their lips are moving" crowd. They'll probably all make appearances here from time to time but I will try to decontaminate and delouse between their visits to forestall any residual infestation they might leave behind- like a bathtub ring.

Me? I'm a retired (or not, I'm feeling kind of Brett Favre about the future at this moment) minor-league rockstar turned graphic artist. I'm a former lead singer to crowds of up to three or four thousand now suffering from social anxiety/agoraphobia- and fortunate that I'm able to work out of my home, which I share with my 125lb. black Lab, the gentle giant, "Raven".

My politics are left, bordering on socialism. I'm a devout atheist that recoils even from the inclusion of "theist" in the word itself. I have a "whatever gets you through the night" policy towards the religion of others unless and until they try to shove it down my throat or, worse, use it as a blueprint for governance. Theocracy is always a bad idea.

I loathe Nascar, "reality" television, a vast majority of modern culture- or what passes for it, figure skating, and televised golf. I love Tom Waits, Melvins, Jaco Pastorius/Weather Report, and the late Johnny Cash. There's much, much more but you'll have to wait for it.


Blogger KidKawartha said...

Ok, first off. you should be able to read the post you're commenting on when you're writing your comment. This sucks. I have to open up your blog twice, once to get to the comments and second to read it while I comment. You can fix this by adjusting in the "comments" section, JD.

125 pound Lab? Holy schniekies, what is it crossed with, a Holstein?

Devout atheist. I like that.

I'm assuming all the details are true, so it's very interesting to meet a digitally outgoing yet personally agoraphobic human being. Thank Jeebus for the internets. I'm all ears to hear more about that.

Sooooo, what band/bands? Did you record anything?

I apply the same thinking to NASCAR and reality TV that you do to religion- whatever gets you through the night......and figure skating- errr- my opinion is that all "judged" sports should be eliminated from competition, particularly figure skating and water dancing.

Looking forward to hearing the rest....

Get yourself a bottle of "Sham-pain", as they say in California, and bless this blog.

April 08, 2006 3:37 PM

Blogger durrati said...

I think there is intelligent life and as I see little of it here on the "blue marble" I am an agnostic, if you care. I firmly believe in music and humor though and so will check in here often.

April 08, 2006 5:11 PM


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